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The fan coin that rewards you in USDT payouts as you support the creation of our manga through buying & holding the token. Simply hold DADASH in your wallet and you will get more on every transaction!

Token Info

backing DADASH in the treasury

The circulating supply of DADASH is backed by a DAO Treasury, which is ever growing. DADASH being deflationary in nature can only mean that DADASH will only get stronger the bigger this treasury grows.


80% of the DADASH supply was seeded as liquidity & 20% locked for future bond issuance
Liquidity locked in Pinklock over 3 months vesting. After which, the liquidity will be locked permanently in the Manga Token vault
2.3% holder rewards, 0.5% auto liquidity, 0.49% floor price, 0.5% buyback burn, 0.5% bond and 0.7% marketing
Multiply your shares by 1.5x when you stake your DADASH. The more shares you own, the higher your rewards.
No wallet holds more than 1% of token supply. Buys, sells & transfers are restricted to 0.25% of the total supply


Supporting the manga creation

DADASH is a fan coin specifically created for all DASH DASH DASH manga fans!

We will be creating a full suite of collectibles & launching many events under the DASH DASH DASH brand. All made redeemable by the DADASH coin.


Asa is an orphan who grew up in a Japanese temple in a fantastical world where magic exists. She meets her saviour, Saki, when she was young and is inspired to become a champion runner like her. Asa's determination and hard work lead her to participate in the annual running contest. However, she discovers that it's a dangerous competition filled with treacherous obstacles and powerful magic.

Asa's journey takes her through a magical world where she faces fierce opponents and uncovers a long-forgotten secret that could change the course of the competition forever. Will Asa be able to overcome the obstacles and emerge victorious, or will the dangers of the magical world prove too much for her to handle?

What do you think will happen to Asa? Join Asa on her quest and find out.

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Fully DOXX'ed Team

DADASH owned by Manga Token

The DASH DASH DASH franchise is fully owned by the Manga Token project. All contracts, DApp and associated sites have been built and deployed by the Manga Token team.

The Manga Token team is a full doxxed international team of manga enthusiasts solely dedicated to creating and distributing high quality manga content and associated blockchain products.

> Find our more about Manga Token here
Published by Trophee

All works of the DASH DASH DASH manga will be published on the Trophee platform.

Trophee will also be responsible for translating & distributing the manga to various markets and platforms to build up the DASH DASH DASH franchise fan base.

> Find our more about Trophee here



This is our first step towards decentralizing the Inu Musume DASH DASH DASH manga creation: minting and launching the DADASH coin

✔ Story writing for Inu Musume manga
✔ Character design for Inu Musume
✔ Launch of DeFi DApp
✔ Launch of website and gitbook
✔ Creation of communities on social media platforms
✔ Listing on PancakeSwap
✔ Launch of DADASH Token!

The next stage is to build the community by sharing the DASH DASH DASH tales and build a strong brand position

✔ Audit by Tech Audit
✔ Release of first manga chapter
✔ Issue DADASH bonds
✔ Win merchandise via contests
⭘ List on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap
⭘ DASH DASH DASH Music video

Building more DeFi products for the community and expanding the franchise...

⭘ Launch NFTs
⭘ DeFi 'em NFTs: turn treasury funds to unshakeable floor price
⭘ Commercialize franchise
⭘ Launch physical merchandise

Making the DASH DASH DASH into an indisputable franchise in the entertainment space

⭘ Launch DASH DASH DASH web3 mobile game
⭘ Launch in-game NFTs
⭘ Launch game NFT marketplace
⭘ DASH DASH DASH anime movie
⭘ Movie premiere in a renown theatre
⭘ DASH DASH DASH the anime series
Disclaimer: This is a community driven project, which mean everyone need to work hard together and spread DADASH like a virus or nothing going to happen. Let's create a supportive and motivated community of holders who are ready to work hard, hustle, contribute & risk it all for our one common goal! Together, we can launch DADASH to the Moon and beyond! DADASH make no promises and is not responsible for any losses or errors. Use at your own risk.
DADASH to be relaunched soon!

We had removed liquidity from Pancakeswap since 4th August 2023. We'll be coming back stronger later as a brand new fan coin under MangaFi. Stay tuned!